Thurs 8th
7.30 -9.30 Opening Ceremony and Exhibition Preview. Free entry.

Fri 9th 7.30pm: Story Telling with Jane Flood and Rina Vergano: Harpies, Hags and Harridans
Who is the old wise woman who sits at the gateway of the worlds and speaks her truths regardless? This performance is an exploration of some of her stories from around the world.

Jane Flood (storyteller/hag) and Rina Vergano (writer/harpie) weave together stories and poems to create and evening of humor, delight and thought provoking Wordsmithing.

Jane Flood has been telling stories all her life. One of her passions is story and landscape, the way we, as humans relate to the land and all its other inhabitants and then translate this relationship into story. She believes that if we can learn to listen to the land and each other in the same way as we listen to a good story, well told, then we might have a new understanding of how to respond to the earth and the crisis we are facing with real reciprocal sensitivity. Her work is informed by womanly ways and her most recent project is a Leadership program called "Initiate" specifically created for women which she is developing and working on with Clare Hein £7/5

Sat 10th 2.00 - 4.30pm Creative Healing facilitated by Linda King:

a unique blend of creative self expression, natural healing and self development approaches gently and powerfully facilitated enabling participants to follow their unique journey towards integration, wholeness and ultimately balanced health and well being. This workshop will focus on Mind Body Heart and Spirit connection. £5/7

Sun 11th 2.00- 4.30pm: Movement into Drawing Workshop with Stina Harris
During this workshop we will dress up in flowing skirts and scarves, dance or move freely to music, and then translate our movements into drawings with pastels, paints and charcoal on large sheets of paper. The movement and music frees up our imagination, and enables us to put energy, joy and vitality into our drawing. No previous experience is necessary, just a love of music, dance and drawing.

Materials will all be provided, including floaty clothes, but do bring your own dressing ups if you have them! (and favourite C.Ds) £7/5

Tues 13th 7.30pm: Being a Woman with Alice Najmanova  

Being a woman in our modern society brings its own challenges some more common some unspoken.
We live in society where learning from other women is not happening as much as it use to. We are left to search for answers our selves. ¨........sharing with other women, learning from them and supporting each other with love and respect...This evening I would like to corporate therapeutic work I have learned as well as sharing, meditation and loving support.Come to join me and other women this special evening and re-discover your self,
I invite you to come and re-discover the beauty, strength and wisdom of a woman that is within you….Remember who you really are.
Come to women’s circle to share, heal, give and receive .
A very special evening full of trust, love and feminine beauty
Please bring comfortable clothing, blanket and yoga/camping £5

Thurs 15th 7.30 - 9.00pm: Women's Self Defence with Isy
A friendly introductory session to learn and practise some basic women's self defence, from assertiveness and verbal strategies to body language to some easy physical techniques to improve our lives on a daily basis. All women welcome, wear comfortable clothing. £5

Fri 16th Women singing Out. Line up of local and invited guest singers, including:
'Saravian really is a mystery girl with the ability to expand her presence. Her vocals are quite remarkable, moving from near-falsetto to softly darker tones with a sparkling energy; agreeable yet paradoxically subdued'

Annabelle is the founder member of the Frome Street Bandits playing for all kinds of community events on and off the streets of Frome. French chanson, eastern European, gypsy and South American music are some of her favourites. She has written songs for theatre performances and community events and celebrations.

Rennee Daniel writes "I have written and performed songs in duets, solo, and in a number of bands. I feel music can touch what is really going on underneath. For me singing creates an artistic moment of heightened human language. I am currently writing my first novel, and the language of music has been the beauty that sits on the bones of this uncomfortable story."

Ali Bullivent
is a performer and songwriter of cross cultural and multi genre music whose embracing and liberating themes are rooted in a sense of 'community', history and personal transformation. Ali writes, directs and performs for a variety of choirs, arts festivals and community workshops. 
She regularly performs in Yorkshire and is lucky enough to based in the beautiful Cathedral in Wakefield. Originally from Weston Super Mare, Ali is delighted to be back in the West country and to be part of this special festival in Frome.  

Katie HarrisI've been song writing since I was 15 when I loaned my first guitar from the school music cupboard (never to be returned) and spent every spare moment after that for years pouring my heart out through my songs while I gradually learnt to accompany my voice on the guitar. Song writing has been my anchor through so many life struggles and however many distractions life throws at me, I keep coming back to it. My style is hard to define; melodic heart bending songs with simplicity and soul. Lets leave it at that, and you can come and see for yourself


Sat 17th 2.00 - 4.00pm: Women sharing life stories - extraordinary women sharing their stories , come along to be inspired. Free

Sat 17th 4.30 - 5.30 pm: “Everything in a Nutshell”  by
Annabelle Macfadyen 
movement based performance exploring human relationship with the natural world.
Annabelle will be inviting reflections from the audience  following the performance to discover how the piece is received and to generate conversation around the subject of human connection with the natural world.Annabelle has a background in physical theatre and has toured with Kneehigh theatre, Gog theatre and has been co-creator, with writer Crysse Morrison, of a number of solo shows for children with First Cut theatre company. In Frome she is known for various street theatre antics, cabaret and carnival. She incorporates movement, dance, music and drama in her performances and is passionate about creativity in all its guises.

Sat 17th 6.30 - 9 .30pm: Make a shamanic talisman with Bay

 Many woman have experiences from the past that they still carry. This is a chance to let spirit carry them for us and use art as a tool for our healing.
A talisman can be an amulet, a crystal, a sacred bundle, jewelry, sculpture, or a picture that is used for psychic or spiritual protection.
A power object is made with a specific intention and can hold old pains and healing energies. It is where the metaphysical meets the physical. In ancient times when a ‘bad’ thing happened the spirit of it was removed by a shaman and put into an object for correct disposal, by returning to it the sea or water, burying it in the earth or burning it in the fire.
Bay is a psychotherapist and shamanic healer with many years of experience of working with people with trauma and abuse . 

Please bring materials to add to your talisman ,a drum if you have one  and wear warm clothes. £8

Sun 18th 1.30 - 6.30: TreeSisters - a feminine response to climate change led by Clare Dakin and Bernadette Ryder

Ever considered wh
at women could achieve if we put our hearts and minds together and took collective action? TreeSisters is a new campaign exploring the potential of a mobilized global sisterhood taking action together around climate change. Could we reforest the tropics within 10 years? Could we help raise awareness of our capacity to care take rather than just consume our planet? Could we help serve a greater respect for women and nature into collective awareness? We can do it all, because when women get together the sky’s the limit! The first step is coming together to build a field of mutual support and encouragement.....

TreeSisters is an invitation to step into the creation of something beautiful, positive, powerful and NOW. This workshop is a rich experiential journey into our relationships with ourselves, our resistances to what’s going on, our relationship to sisterhood and each other, to our bodies and to the natural world. This is an exploration into what it means to be a woman and how to embody or embrace the Feminine in ways that can help restore both internal and external balance in our lives. This workshop will be nourishing, meaningful and inspirational. It could be the seeding of a local TreeSister group for those of you that want to be part of something on-going that celebrates women and makes a difference, then this is for you. 
Participation by donations £10 - £20

Wed 21st 2.00 -5.00pm: Make a Spring Goddess with Mandy, Linda and Maretta
Join us in decorating a beautiful Gaian goddess and dedicating her in ceremony on the Spring Equinox to the renewal of Mother Earth in all her guises.
Made from local willow and hazel she will be strong and supple like women, and as we work together to decorate her we will set in motion the changes we wish to see happen in our lives and for the Earth.
Please feel free to bring any decorations (that will biodegrade) that you would like to add. £5

Wed 21st 7.00 -9.30pm: Equinox Shakti Dance - Calling in the ancestors with Jewels

The Shakti dance is an ancient dance practiced by women for thousands of years in many cultures under different names. It offers a powerful and direct way to re-awaken the Sacred Empowered feminine that every woman already is. There is nothing 'new' that needs to be learned, just a deep listening through the body and breath of remembering and embodying to what has been forgotten or repressed. It is a meditation in motions that invites us to dance the entire web of life, while rooted in absolute awareness. It is held within the natural cycles of a women's life and the natural cycles of nature. All women can do this dance, whatever age shape or fitness you feel. On this night we will be focusing on the equinox and asking the ancestors to guide us into the season of spring, where the returning of life is abundance once again after the death of the winter phase. £8/10 £5 conc (with proof of benefit)

Thurs 22nd 7.00 - 9.00pm: Film and Discussion on Birth
'A documentary called'It's my body, my baby, my birth' depicting the experiences of seven women and their journies of natural child birth. The story is enhanced by footage from midwives, doctors and a childbirth educator discussing the subject of natural child birth.
The documentary is followed by a discussion on birth and how women can feel empowered and trust their bodies to give birth naturally. Discussion led by two midwives and a doula.'

Saturday 24th 7.15 for 7.30pm Book launch by Helen Moore.
Frome-based poet, of her debut ecopoetry collection, Hedge Fund, And Other Living Margins (Shearsman Books) (More info here) The launch will be complemented by a talk from the acclaimed author, Lindsay Clarke, and additional poetry by Rose Flint, a guiding spirit of Helen’s work. Free entry and there will be an interval, with refreshments served.

Sat 24th 2.30 - 4.00pm: Middle Eastern Dance with Karine 
Discover the joys of Middle Eastern dance in this workshop where both soft sensual moves and strong playful qualities of this ancient dance will be taught. Please bring soft shoes to dance in and a scarf to tie around your hips. Karine Butchart has taught Middle Eastern dance for many years throughout the UK and abroad. With a life long background in dance and the healing arts, she brings a deep understanding of the body and movement and teaches in a friendly and relaxed way. £5

Sunday 25th 2.00 - 3.30pm: Drumming Workshop with Katie and Tanya.

Have a go at west African drumming, percussion and song ; Drum It Up will be running a fun - filled workshop for people of all ages and abilities, no experience needed. By the end of the workshop you will have learnt; a west african rhythm in two/three parts on the djembe, a beautiful African song, and played in a percussion jam/orchestra with a huge variety of percussive instruments to choose from.

Drum It Up are available to book for children's birthday parties, other parties and functions and team building events. For more details please contact Katie on 07590381453  £5


Tues 27th 7.30 - 9.00 Healing Women with Emma Stacey 

Spinning and dyeing have helped to keep me sane over the years. Spinning a yarn can serve me as meditation and dyeing akin to cooking, both long established women's work. In 2006 after the last of my offspring left for University I set out for Bosnia. I was curious. My car was packed with spinning wheel and carders, my massage table and a deep commitment to understand the plight of the women who had suffered during the War in the 90s. My talk will include tales of the women I met and worked with in my role as therapist, their songs, makings and stories. Spinning together dissolved any barriers. What began as a personal adventure turned into a healing odyssey for us all.£5

Wed 28th  7.30pm Clothes Swap
Bring your unwanted clothes to swap - not direct swapping - we create a collective pool of all our clothes and in a surprisingly civilized way everyone seems to get some wonderful new clothes.
It's great fun and you go home with a whole new wardrobe! Free 

Thurs 29th 7.30 -9.00pm: HealingVisualiazation with Lisbet Michelsen. 

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to the mind.’ Caroline Myss. Healing visualisation concentrates on our ability to go inside ourselves for the purpose of deep relaxation and healing on many levels. It’s a wonderful way to begin to create balance & harmony within ourselves, to support us to feel good and flourish using our natural strengths to bring out the best in ourselves. My focus is on supporting people to create deep and lasting changes that enable them to transform their relationship with themselves and the living Earth. Please bring blanket and something to lie on.

Sat 31st 8.00pm Celebratory Dance for Life with DJ Roger King. 
Come and dance your socks off to beautiful music from all over the world. All welcome to join us partying at our penultimate event £7/5

Sun 1st April 2.00pm Auction of Artwork of Stina Harris and Linda King. 
Most exhibited works plus more will be auctioned - 50% of the proceeds
will go to Bipolar Uk and 50% to the artists. Free entry.